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Day One: Detoxing
Last week was sort of like my warm-up to dieting. I started out ok, but then with all the friends I had visiting from out of town, I ate out a lot.  =___= Not really how I wanted to start out my run... But it was good practice for this week, I suppose.

I've FINALLY gotten a hold of my sleeping pattern, I think. I've been waking around 8:30am now, no matter what time I get to bed. I decided I was going to sleep in this morning, and now I'm really feeling it. I'm so tired and I'm regretting having gone back to sleep after I woke up the first time. 

It's a very strange thing to be so tired, and yet so pumped full of energy at the same time. Between all the tea I've been drinking and the pills I'm on, I have so much energy, but because I slept in my brain is like 'sleep' and my body is like 'GO FUCKER RUN!'. 

I'm hoping between the diet, exercise and the meds, I'll be able to kickstart my metabolism into doing that it's supposed to do. I should also start taking a daily multivitamin, since not only will it help me with my energy/sleeping, but you also lose out on your daily intake while you diet, so it will help me stay healthy while I'm... getting healthy. HURRRRRRRRR

I really need to find my Hip Hop Abs DVD. Maybe tonight while I watch House I can look through my garage boxes and see if it ended up in there. At least it will give me a way to channel my energy while I sit around the house for 2 hours watching my shows. After that, I'll probably play more DDR before bed. Even just lying here typing I'm kicking my feet to keep from getting up and racing around like a tard.


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