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Baby Corydoras - Day 01
This is for me, not for you. You don't need to pay attention to this.

Set up
Betta tank
Air pump
Upholstery foam
Plastic tube
Air pump
Air tubing
Waste-absorbing stones

Put the upholstery foam over the end of the black tubing. Put the airstone on the air tubing, connected the tubing to the pump. Put the airstone inside the black plastic tubing to create a sponge filter. Put a few waste-absorbing crystals in the bottom corner of the tank to assist with tank clean-up, as the tank is small.

The filter is just getting started right now, so there is still currently much debris on the bottom. Once the babies are a little bigger, I'll be doing a tank clean to remove some of that crap. For now, I'm hoping the filter, the light medication and the waste-absorbing rocks will help keep them around long enough to grow a bit.


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