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Daily Rant 002: Furries and Needs vs Wants (Mature Language)
 Well, I had this awesome shit typed out and then my internet decided it was going to be a dick.


This might be short.

So I'm cruising FA, checking my journals and looking at my latest submissions, right? And there's a journal from a girl I watch.

Apparently she wants to die because she's so depressed, yadda-yadda-yadda. 

Now, before 45545746541684632147896532 people jump down my throat and bitch at me for 'not taking suicide seriously', stop. I do take it seriously. But you ever heard the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf? This girl seems to have these little emo tiffs all the time, and it's quite frankly disgusting. 

She's just being a stupid little hipster and whining because that's how they get attention. If you whine and bitch about life to a very kind group of people, you're going to get about 700 comments of 'Aww, it's ok QT. Cheer up, here have free art because I love you 4REELZ' or some variation there-of.

Now, this girl. She is ALWAYS bitching about something. 'Oh, my life sucks. Oh, I'm so lonely. Oh, I'm so poor. Oh, I have no food. Oh, this. Oh, that.' There is always SOMETHING wrong. Always. And she posts at least 2 to 3 of these journals a week. .

This girl is ALWAYS pulling in commissions. And I'm not trying to sound stuck-up or elitist or anything, but her art REALLY isn't that great. It's always the same poses, the same expression, the same (awful) anatomy no matter what the species, and the coloring is really rather dismal on some of these pieces. 

It's one of those situations where I look at my art and I look at her art and there is no beating-around-the-bush about whose work is better. I don't consider my art anything special, but there is no pretending that her work doesn't even hold a candle to my own. It would be like comparing my work to someone like Caltroplay( You wouldn't even think twice about the fact that her art FAR outstrips my own. 

That said, I would LOVE to pull in as many commissions as this girl does. Being that commissions are my only form of income at this time, I would kill to have a commissioner base like she does. I would be singing from the rooftops in languages I didn't even know.

But all this girl can do is complain about how she has things she needs and can't afford them.


I know puppies are cute, and it's nice to have a pet. But a pet is not a need. If you NEED an animal, chances are that animal isn't a pet at all. It's a therapy animal and it's your working companion. It isn't your pet.

If you need a pet, get a fucking fish. Betta fish are awesome, interactive pets that cost close to nothing to keep.

And a betta isn't going to shit on your carpet or piss in your laundry. A betta doesn't need to be walked all the time or have lots of toys to keep it from shredding your things.

Face it. You DON'T NEED a pet. A pet is a WANT.

And now, not only is this girl poor because she bought something she didn't NEED, but she's also subjecting a puppy to a life less than it deserves. If you don't have the money to feel yourself, you certainly don't have the money to care for a pet. If you can't keep yourself healthy, you should NOT have an animal. They deserve far better.

But what really set me off today was this:

So she has another emo tiff today. And in the comments, some other fed-up souls like myself tell her to go to the doctor to get a handle on her moodswings. And she says 'Oh, that requires time and money that I don't have.'

And another comment says to cut out the luxuries in her life so she can afford the trip to the doctor.

AND SHE CHANGES THE SUBJECT. Now, she can't go to the doctor because her boyfriend would have to take time off of work for that. RIDE THE GODDAMN BUS. WALK. TAKE A BIKE.

But no, instead of getting healthy and taking care of herself, she'd rather piss away her money on expensive commissions for her boyfriend. 

Grow the fuck up.

But it isn't just this girl. Oh no.

Need another example of a furry putting their wants before their needs?


Need I say more?

98% of you know exactly what I'm talking about when I mention him. For those of you new to the furry fandom, or perhaps you've spent the last few years under a rock, I'll give you a brief description. You can look him up on WikiFur if you want to know more.

Allan is a fur who got into huge trouble with money and the fandom. Over and over, he would post up journals on his FA about how he needed help with one thing or another in his life. He didn't have enough to cover his bills, he couldn't afford food for the week, things like that. And kind souls in the community would give him donations of money to help him through his troubled times.

And each time he was given money, he would commission expensive artists for pictures of his fursona.

And when he was homeless and on foodstamps, jobless to boot, the commissions kept rolling in. 

I would keep going, but talking about Allan and explaining his whole story could take several days. And I just don't have that kind of time.

But all the time, I see it. I see journals of people bitching about how they can't afford this or that, and all the while, they are posting up pictures that they've commissioned from some of the best artists in the community. And we all know commissions can be spendy.
Some of these people seriously need to get their priorities in order. I'm poor, I admit it. I'm not a well-known artist and I don't get many commissions. But I don't piss away the money I DO get on expensive commissions. I've never commissioned a single thing from anyone, despite the fact that I REALLY want to.


Because I have things in my life that I NEED. And buying art isn't one of them. I need clothing. And food. And shit like that.

I don't buy videogames. I don't buy movies. I don't buy commissions. I don't buy make-up. I don't even buy gifts for people birthdays. Because those are not things that I need.

If I want to treat myself, I buy a fish. A cheap little pet fish that can go with all my other pet fish and only costs me a couple dollars and some change.

Seriously. Some people just really need to get their act together and grow up. Needs  should ALWAYS come before wants...

Daily Rant 002 finished.


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