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Baby Corydoras - Day 03
After doing a fair bit of reading the last few days, I finally decided which method I was going to use to keep my baby fish going strong.

I've been trying to feed them some Hikari First Bites, but it stays on the surface for ages, and the babies just don't get up there very often. I was worrying about them not getting enough/any food, so I started reading.

I took the filter media from the 30 gallon tank and squeezed it into the baby tank. It covered them up, which the article says it will, but it also provide them with the food they need and there is no risk of water polution. It does, of course, make my tank look pretty nasty for the moment, but the sponge filter is working on it, and the babies seem to love their mucky new home. And, in case of any nasties that MIGHT have been in the filter mulm, I still have the waste-absorbing rocks in there, to give the water a little boost.

I'm doing daily water changes right now, but I'm thinking of moving to twice or even thrice daily changes. The container is still very small, and even though they are little fish, they produce growth hormones that need to be cleaned out.

I was able to actually get a good look at one of the fry today. They're going to be absolutely adorable when they've grown.